Frequently asked questions

1Will using an EMS Trainer device substitute for the traditional exercise?
The EMS Trainer device is designed to enable development and sustaining good health of many groups of muscles, such as abdominal muscle, thighs, arms or calfs. Regularly conducted, proper EMS training will lead to strengthening the muscles and reduction of the fat tissue. However, remember that this device cannot substitute for a cardio training, as well as it will not lead to improvement of overall body performance, movement coordination nor will it lead to full oxygenation of the body. Therefore, EMS Trainer gives you the best results when used with overall cardio training. Try to use the EMS Trainer everytime you are unable to perform a traditional training – e.g. during office work, while travelling (as a passenger!) or while doing house chores.
2Can I feel any pain while using the EMS Trainer?
EMS Trainer, working on the basis of electrical stimulation, forces the muscle to rhythmically contract and relax. As any training, it may cause pain if done too intensively. If you feel any pain or discomfort while using the device, decrease the training intensity level. Remember to adjust the intensity level of training gradually as you progress through the training, not exceeding the level that feels comfortable. After training with EMS Trainer, just like after any other exercise, you can feel a slight muscle soreness. This is a natural reaction. It usually occurs a few hours after the training and lasts up to 1-2 days. While you advance with the trainings, this phenomenon ceases to occur.
3Will EMS Trainer help me lose weight?
Electrostimulation causes the glycogen levels to decrease and development of the muscle fibers, which causes your body to use more energy and therefore lose weight. In addition, regular use of the device causes skin to firm and may result in reduction of cellulite. However, high obesity may cause the electrical signal to dissipate before reaching the muscle, diminishing the efficiency of the device.
4How long will the device last on one battery?
The lifespan of a battery depends on many factors, such as humidity, air temperature and the quality of the battery itself. However, in the typical conditions, a single battery should last for c.a. 30 trainings on 8th level of intensity.
5In what conditions should I refrain from using the device?
Try not to use the device in high humidity conditions or when the air temperature is below 10oC or above 35oC. Doing so may result in the devices malfunction or decreasing its efficiency.
6I have noticed a slight skin redness after using the device on the trained surface. Is it normal?
Directly after using the device you may notice a sliht redness of the skin in the places where the electrodes have touched the body. This is a normal reaction caused by a higher blood circulation and is no reason to worry. The redness should disappear after c.a. 30 minutes. If the redness does not disappear or the places touched by the electrodes become painful, refrain from using the device.
7While using the device I do not feel the muscle contracting, rather an unpleasant sensation of skin burn. Is the device working properly?
If you do not feel the muscle contracting, but an unpleasant sensation of skin burn, it may mean that the electrode covering on the pad has worn out. Order a new replacement pad on and change it immediately.

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