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31 January 2017

Body Trainer

129.00 79.00

A perfect tool for training thighs, arms and rear muscle


Body Trainer features two self – attaching electrodes, enabling it to be placed on almost every muscle group. Due to the advanced, intelligent, automatic training program taking only 23 minutes, during which you can freely change the strength of the stimulative signal, you can train your muscle in a fast and efficient way. Every product comes in a complete, ready-to-use set.

Technical details:

  • 15 power levels – enabling you to choose level perfectly suited to your needs and abilities
  • Automatic intelligent program only 23 minutes long – just turn on and enjoy the training
  • Self – attaching electrodes enable a perfect fit to the body
  • Size 20 x 5,0 x 1,3 cm – making it fit every purse
  • Powered by a CR 2023 battery – included in the box and available in every shop
  • Pad made of PU – universal, durable material resistant to stretching
  • Ergonomic shape makes it invisible under garment, enabling you to train in almost every place and time
  • Electrodes covered with a special layer make using special conductive fluid unnecessary
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