What is EMS?

EMS (short for Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a safe, clinically proven and scientifically approved method of training muscle. It is based on sending an electrical signal that stimulates the nervous system, influencing the chosen muscle and causing it to contract and unclench, leading to its growth and reduction of the fat tissue. By this method, muscles are ‘forced’ to work without the need to undertake an active training (e.g. weighting lifts) . During an EMS training you can feel seemingly spontaneous flexing and relaxing of a muscle, in fact caused by a safe, low intensity electrical signal.

Precise and efficient workout

EMS Training has a lot of advantages compared to traditional exercise. Most importantly, it lets you train the muscle without burdening the bones, tendons and joints. In addition, due to the precise placement of the electrodes, it is possible to train the exact muscle you want to strengthen. The EMS training is also very efficient, as it stimulates the whole surface of the muscle, including its core. Therefore even short regular trainings bring the expected effects.

Excellent alternative to the gym!

Taking the above into consideration, sport clubs and gyms often include the EMS training in their exercise offer. It is usually based on the regular training amplified by an EMS device. Unfortunately, such training is quite expensive, and it takes at least 8 – 10 sessions to see the first effects.

Therefore, owning an EMS device is a great alternative to gym training. It is a tool that, by training a chosen muscle, does not burden the bones, tendons and joints, making it injury free. This type of device is frequently used by physical therapists to heal injuries or regenerate muscles from the state of atrophy caused by illnesses, as well as to adjust the blood circulation.

The EMS Trainer electrostimulators work by using an intelligent, 23 minute long exercise program based on several phases of stimulation, designed to professionally guide you through the training. It starts with the warm – up phase, followed by the proper training, which ends with a short cool-off phase, intended to relax the muscle.

Ready in just a few seconds

The EMS Trainer devices stand out on the market of electrical stimulators due to a few unique qualities. Not having any wires, they are training – ready in just a few seconds. All the electrodes are attached to a single pad, unlike in the other devices. Also, using the device does not require any additional conductive gel.

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